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We try and give an accurate estimate over the phone before coming out, but sometimes all we can tell you is the call out rate which includes the first hour on site.

Standard booked call out rate is $80 and includes first hour of service from the time of arrival at the site.

For a problem like a non functioning lock, most cases that is the total charge unless significant replacement parts are required.

The hourly rate is $80 after the first hour during business hours.

The rate for rekeying locks is $15/barrel. The total cost of rekeying a lock depends on having a key for the lock, the condition and type of lock.


This is not problem for some sliding door locks or a lock we can just remove a couple of screws to get to the cylinder and then remove the cap from the cylinder and clean and replace the mechanism.

However sometimes,if there is no key we have to pick the mechanism to release the cylinder from the lock, then the lock may have to be shimmed or picked again once the cylinder is free to extract the plug from the cylinder.

Condition of Lock

Some times the lock looks fine from the outside, but internally could be affected by rust or corrosion from sea air. This could mean the release mechanism for the cylinder is rusted solid, in which case the lock will have to be replaced or not rekeyed. Other type of corrosion can have the same out come especially under the influence of sea air (I have had to replace entire cylinders that have been installed 2 years in a new house one block from the sea shore).

Type of lock

Some locks require the entire mechanism to be dismantled before the locksmith can start the repinning process - then of course the lock needs to be rebuilt and tested. This could add considerably to the timesheet.

24 hours Emergency Posilock Locksmith Rates:

Emergency call out is a flat fee payable on successful completion of the task(no solution no charge). This includes gaining access to automobiles, caravans, trailers, padlocks, residential, commercial premises and occasionally 2 year olds locked in the bathroom. The rates are based on the time of day your call is made to us: 7am - 6pm $120, >6pm to midnight $150 and after midnight $220.

Written and verbal quotations:

A lot of locksmiths will not give a quote on complex projects involving used locks. We can give you an estimate over the phone or even closer estimate on site. However detailed written quotations can take a lot of time and investigation both on site and at the office, for this type of service we charge an $80 quotation fee which is redeemed if the quotation is accepted.

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