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Moving In to your new Home or Office

How Many Keys Exist To Your New Property?

Where Are They?

Do you have control of the security of your premises?

How many people or organisations may have keys to your front door?

The Landlord and the Real estate property manager? Yes, if you are renting, this is controlled by Victorian state law.

The neighbours? Yes, if you have made that decision but NOT if they were given out by the previous owner/tenant.

The previous owner/tenant? No!

The previous owners/tenants X or flat mate? Definitely not!

Anyone who knows where the hidden key is from years ago? I dont think so!

Probably no one knows who you are yet.

People coming and going from your new premises will not trigger protective responses from the neighbours.

It maybe a good idea to have the locks changed even before you start moving your items in, especially if you are moving in stages and there is no one around to keep an eye on things.

The good news is that you probably will not need to change the locks, just the keying mechanism. Then have a few new keys cut. This not a difficult task for a qualified locksmith and it is cost effective for you.

Change the locks before you start moving in to your new premises!

Secure your property and contents.

call 0418 587275 today and learn more.