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A full restricted keying system requires that each lock is fitted with a special barrel which can only be accessed by special keys which are strictly audited by the manufacturer. The locksmith controlling a restricted system must keep detailed records about each key and to whom it was supplied. If one of these keys are lost, the system may have to be rebuilt to maintain security which can be a very expensive process.

Some of our customers have requested a restricted keying-lock system which will prevent the duplication of their house keys without their knowledge.

This is particularly of interest to those who rent their houses out on short term leases during the year.

The issue brought by some insurance companies about standard house keys supplied to tenants, is that they can be readily copied during the time of lease. It is suggested that this reduces the security of the property and in the case of theft or damage, there is no sign of forced entry.

In a case like this an insurance claim process could be more complex and time consuming.

While changing the combination of the locks is a simple solution, this may be quite impractical if the they need to be changed every few weeks.

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Posilock Locksmiths have a reserved key solution which is not as complex and expensive as a standard restricted system. These keys are only available from Posilock Locksmiths and their LOK4 associates, NOT from key cutting kiosks or hardware stores.

The minimum number of locks need to be modified to secure the property i.e. one lock per external door. The clever bit part of the design is that though an ordinary house key will not fit into the LOK4 key hole, the LOK4 key will fit and operate a standard house lock. This means minimal expense changing locks and if required, one key will fit the whole house.

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